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We bring competitive product pricing to e-design!


Increase your profits, not your workload.

The biggest challenge for e-designers is earning a profit from the products specified in their designs. That's why we founded Bello Procurement - to give designers wholesale purchasing opportunities.  Our services allow e-designers to place orders and make higher profits without any limitations.


Use our app for a quick search of vendors that meet the needs of e-designers. Search our complete list to find something unique or to order custom pieces.


The designer defines the competitive price. We verify it falls within the vendor's terms and split the profits between a product's actual selling price and our wholesale cost. 


Easily incorporate our process into your design management software to monetize your product spec list and effectively compete with online retailers.


From an easy to use dashboard, you'll gain access to our list of brands. We'll do all the ordering for you, letting you stay focused on designing and growing your business.


We take care of the logistics, from finding the best way to ship to white-glove delivery if you requested.  Working on your behalf, we'll keep your client updated and take care of damage claims if they occur.


Never lose track of what's happening with a client's order. From your dashboard, easily find your order history, communications, and helpful information about vendors.

Free to qualifying interior designs and decorators! 



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Done-for-you services, where we are the merchant and take care of everything.



You are the merchant and we work behind the scenes, handling the details so you can scale your business.


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Growing a highly profitable independent eDesign business requires shifting away from the thought of using affiliate links or sending your clients elsewhere to make purchases.  These methods bring very little income, if any, at all. Here's an example of how they work:

Let's compare the earning potentials for this leather sofa.


Leather Sofa

MSRP $5,850.00

Selling online for $3,895.00


Affiliate Commission

Commissions arrange from 5% to 15% from online retailers and industry platforms, E-design specific platform offers as low as 2%. All commission is calculated from the particular companies' online retail price.

 6% commission from Joss & Main (Wayfair)


Designers would earn  $233.70


Designer Discount 

Generally, distributors offer a 30% trade-only discount to interior designers, which is calculated from the MSRP cost. 

$5850.00    MSRP

- 1755.00    30% discount

$4095.00    Designer’s purchase price

Designer's purchase price is $200 over the online retail price


We founded Bello Procurement on a disruptive idea: provide wholesale purchasing opportunities to e-design businesses. It is our mission to empower e-designers to build and grow sustainable companies by creating economic opportunities.  We operate on a profit-sharing model that is rooted in this belief. E-designers sell the products they source from our vendors inside their designs. We procure the items for them at wholesale costs and share the profits from wholesale to the actual retail price to ensure a viable sustainability path.  To ensure a designer's success, we network with seasoned interior design coaches and industry professionals that provide training and services.
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