Bello Procurement is a family-owned and operated business providing turn-key services for online designers. It all started with a brick and mortar home decor shop known as Bello Lane. Mother and daughter duo Cali and Tawni were driven by their passion for bringing beauty and style to the places where people live. 

Bello Lane soon expanded into online retail, establishing itself as more than just a local brand. It was an incredible learning experience that required a whole new approach. Finding the right suppliers was the biggest challenge of all. With some trial and error, Cali and Tawni began identifying manufacturers and distributors aligned with their commitment to quality and service—finding that winning a combination of vendors proved critical to their success. With a robust supply chain in place, they could start building the volume needed to get better pricing.

Tawni embrace e-design, the ability to work from anywhere and serve clients outside as well as inside her local area was the optimal business structure she was seeking to build. But, she soon discovered that e-design platforms presented more obstacles than opportunities. Demanding deadlines, unreasonable terms, and low pay cause e-designers to quickly burn out. These platforms and many big-box retailers entice shoppers with absurdly low design fees as a marketing tool to increase sales.  In the end, it devalues the time, talent, and experience interior designers offer their clients. Tawni knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when the idea for Bello Procurement was born. With enough projects under her belt and a well-honed process for completing them efficiently, Tawni moved away from the e-design platforms and focused on her own projects once again. Thanks to the vendor relationships established through Bello Lane, she could source her own products at a wholesale level, pay a procurement fee, and make a far larger profit than any discount program or affiliate link offered. Cali and Tawni soon began inviting other e-designers to do the same. Looking forward to the future, they are excited to help others grow and thrive in this expanding industry of virtual designs. 

Our Goal: Improve the profit strategy of selling products inside virtual design (e-design) packages.

Our Mission: Work hand-in-hand with online interior designers to positively impact the revenue model when interior design is performed remotely.

Our Vision: Create an environment that supports best practices between online designers and manufacturers to reach success.

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