About the program

Our program is a partnership for interior designers offering e-Design services, we'll provide you the tools and resources that are needed to grow an online interior design business.  Through our program, you are able to purchase at wholesale prices, have access to our strategies for selecting the right vendors to source from, and the ability to order custom pieces.  Our procurement and logistic services handle all aspects of the ordering and delivery process, helping you provide an end-to-end experience to your clients.  We also provide a marketplace for your digital products creating a profitable recurring revenue stream and a discovery element for your portfolio.
Designed to empower eDesigners currently running a business to make high-profits from the start, and help those just starting to develop systems and processing that are sustainable.

the HOW 

How We Are Different 

Our focus is empowering our eDesigners to position sales in their designs that add value for clients and revenue for themselves.

How We Operate

The products our partnering eDesigners source are at preferred wholesale price points, vendor list options are tailored with their ideal client in mind. Empowering their ability to position benefits that make them invaluable to their clients.

We value the systems and processes designers carefully manage when building relationships with their clients. It is our commitment to support that relationship by operating on behalf of the eDesigner when speaking to their clients.

How We Benefit eDesigners

Our partnering eDeisgners . . .

  • are able to purchase at the wholesale level, increasing their profit margins

  • are supported and backed by the delivery policies of Bello Lane and our vendors

  • enjoy all the benefits of having an online store without any of the work, time, or challenges involved in running it 

Designers receive guidance to resources to grow their business and benefit from the collaborative efforts to promote it.

what's INSIDE

Business Development 

Starting any business can be a huge undertaking and perhaps the greatest benefit of having a partner in your business venture is having someone who can share the workload.  Our commitment to elevating eDesigners has guided us in developing a program that functions more like a partnership than it does a membership program.  In the sense that we share common goals, and we each bring a set of unique abilities to the table.

Together, we'll discuss and develop a plan of action specifically for your business so you can serve your ideal client better. 

Procurement Service

  • Sourcing

You will have access to search through our entire list of vendors or just your customized vendor list tailored to your ideal client to make sourcing products more efficient and effective.  

  • Purchase Order Processing 

You will have access to our procurement management software for instant updates of every order.

We work closely with you to ensure that order information is accurate, inventory is in stock, delivery timelines are identified, and costs verified before processing happens.

  • Order Status and Delivery Tracking 

You will receive a status update and tracking information as soon as it is made available for each order. 

  • Client Communication

​Once an order is on its way, we'll update you and your client with tracking​ information, send them any assembly directions, and verify their order arrived safely.


  • Damage Product Processing

If any damage happens during shipping we will process the claim for you. 


Recurring Revenue

This is more than just creating designs that sell for a small fee, we provide you a way to also make money from the sale of the products each and every time it sells without any additional work on your part.  We'll guide you through the strategies of choosing pieces for your digital products that will be most appealing to potential buyers, provide you the marketplace to sell them on, and take care of the sales, customer service, and marketing for you.


Let's compare earning potentials for this leather sofa using different revenue stream methods


Leather Sofa

MSRP $5,850.00

Selling online for $3,895.00

Affiliate Commission from an eDesign Platform

The sofa sells for $3,895 online and the designer earns 4% commission

Designer earns  $155.80


Discount from a Membership Program

Designers that pay into a membership program to receive discounts, usually, aren't able to get the cost below what the same product is selling for online.

Designer Makes No Profit


Designer Discount from a Wholesale Distributor

If a distributor offers a discount to interior designers it, usually, isn't any more than 30% off the MSRP cost. Which again, means the designer's cost is higher than what their client can buy it for, online.

Designer Makes No Profit


Bello Lane Partnership

Through the Bello Lane partnership program, designers purchase products for their clients at preferred wholesale costs. The above sofa's preferred wholesale cost is $1,950.

Designer's Make A High Profit


The program is a partnership between you and Bello Lane, designed to help you fortify your foundation, enabling you to offer products that position your business more strategically with your ideal clients. And aids in promoting your business, with the common goal of growing your sales, projects, and profits.

Association Fee - $479

Procurement Fee


The procurement fee is calculated on your monthly project purchases and level of participation.

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