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Serving online interior designers in a new way!

Are you overwhelmed as a solopreneur and struggle with . . .

  • building a beneficial income stream from affiliate links

  • spending too much time on the backend work rather than doing what you love

  • building your own business systems and processes

  • sourcing directly from vendors

  • staying focused on the work while growing your business

Or are you feeling frustrated because you're networking with a service that . . .

  • undervalues your time and talent

  • ends up treating you like a salesperson and a design producing machine

  • pays out small commissions

  • doesn't help to build your business outside of their services

  • limits your income stream and design processes

We're here to help you grow your income, build your own business and serve your clients better.
  • offer you a more profitable way to source pieces without minimum requirements

  • provide you a way to sell without the work of running a store

  • take care of the sales and customer service aspects

  • help you learn more about our vendors and their offerings

  • provide you with an easy to use comprehensive procurement platform

  • guiding you to trusted professionals that will help your business grow

How We Are Different 

Our focus is empowering our eDesigners to position sales in their designs that add value for clients and revenue for themselves.

How We Operate

We value the systems and processes designers carefully manage when building relationships with their clients. It is our commitment to support that relationship by providing an unapparelled customer care experience.


The products our partnering eDesigners source are at our wholesale price points. They can source from our retail site for quicker shipping options. They also have access to our entire list of vendors to offer customized pieces in their designs. Empowered with the ability to position benefits and create packages that add revenue and value, becomes a win-win for everyone.


How We Benefit eDesigners

Our partnering eDeisgners enjoy all the benefits of having an online store without any of the work, time, or challenges it involves. Designers can curate a product collection to feature on their site and create pre-designed room groupings for a recurring revenue stream without the worries of vendor requirements or restrictions.

We give insights about each vendor, what products they offer, their prices point levels and their quality through guides that will help to speed up the decision-making process. We have developed systems that easily integrate with online design platforms to make product specification list simple and effortless.