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Elevate your e-design business, by elevating your sourcing ability to more what is sold found online.

Have you ever been on a tour of cookie-cutter type houses; remember the feeling you had walking into each home?  Did the homes decorated with all the latest and most popular pieces sold by e-commerce sites evoked a "humdrum" feel? Probably due to the fact these pieces are seen everywhere, in ads, in social media posts, and on every DIY show. 

When you walked into the homes where the furniture and accessories have been curated specifically for the homeowner's lifestyle and personality, did it pique your interest, excitement, and curiosity?  Did you forget about the cookie-cutter floor plan because the home now had its own unique personality?


Today, all homeowners can search for the specific furniture or accessory pieces they see on TV, Pinterest, or Instagram and purchase them from the online retailer that offers them the best deal. They can even partake in free e-design services to get guidance on what pieces go together.  These free services will NEVER provide the homeowner with the same value clients are looking for when working with an independent decorator.


As an independent design professional, your ability to source the perfect pieces that speak to your clients' needs and personality shouldn't be limited to just what you can find online. Strengthening your sourcing strategy will elevate your product selections and better position you in the retail market.


We recognize that not all independent designers operate the same or have the same opportunities when it comes to sourcing and procuring furniture and accessories for their clients.


That is why we founded Bello Lane Procurement; to elevate the sourcing strategies for remote-design businesses (e-design)—providing opportunities to source from a variety of manufacturer's and distributor's complete catalogs, trade-only collections, and custom options.

Ready to take your remote-design business to the next level?

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Our Goal: Improve the profit strategy of selling products inside virtual design (e-design) packages.

Our Mission: Work hand-in-hand with online interior designers to positively impact the revenue model of remote design.

Our Vision: Create an environment that supports best practices between online designers and manufacturers to reach success.

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