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Big goals are exciting to set, right? Have you set a goal for your eDesign business to reach five-figures a month? Well, it is possible, but not with the methods that have been available to e-designers to use as revenue streams. It requires adopting a new business strategy. One that shifts away from strategies were you end up working for an e-design platform and not building your own systems and processes. One that doesn’t use affiliate links as a source of revenue and leaves you with no way to track sales. And one that doesn’t involve you adding products to sell on your website, that leaves you managing inventories, sales, shipping, pricing, returns, and damaged products.

Hi, I am Cali Burzota, founder of Bello Lane. I am passionate about helping people who want to build an eDesign business in a way that produces high profits. When my daughter, Tawni, started her eDesign business, I was able to provide her the tools and resources she needed to be profitable through my home furnishing and accessories business. She had tried using an eDesign platform to gain clients quickly and to gain confidence in her online processes, but she quickly realized this was not allowing her to build anything for herself, she was working to build their business. That’s when we decided to systematize the beneficial partnership between my business, Bello Lane, and Tawni’s eDesign business to provide an avenue for other eDesigners to build a higher profiting business.

There are many roadblocks in the path for an eDesigner who's trying to build up their income stream. The method of using affiliate links, eDesign platforms, or discount programs is not scaleable, all these of have limited profit potentials. So, no matter how much time, effort, and money are put into feeding these revenue streams they will never produce large profits. These are marketing channels for online retailers, they work very well for them and for bloggers, but not for the person truly trying to build a successful eDesign business.

Take this QUIZ to discover what roadblock is in your path

The client that engages with eDesign is a different client than the one that wants a designer or decorator to come into their home. Their budgets are vastly different and their perception of the function and benefits of using an interior designer or decorator is different. That is why we are dedicated to helping eDesigners understand business strategies, and how to develop a business plan that is profitable while reaching their goals.

Let's compare earning potentials for this leather sofa using different revenue stream methods

Leather Sofa

MSRP $5,850.00

Selling online for $3,895.00

eDesign Platform Commission

​$3,895.00 Online Selling Price

x 4% Commission

$155.80 eDesigner Earns

Affiliate Link Commission

​$3,895.00 Online Selling Price

x 8% Commission (this % varies with different incentive programs)

$311.60 eDesigner Earns

Discount Programs

​$4,388.00 Online Selling Price

-$438.80 Additional 10% discount for member

$3,949.20 Designer's cost to purchase

In the example of discount programs, the designer’s cost is $54.20 over the price of the sofa that is sold online. Designers usually pass on their cost to the client without any markup, leaving them to make no profits with this revenue stream.

Bello Lane Partnership

$2,730.00 Designer's Preferred Pricing

- $3,895.00 Client's Price

$1,165.00 Designer's Profit

The partnership with Bello Lane allows you to run your business as the retailer. You're not working for Bello Lane, Bello Lane is not paying you commissions to sell their furniture. You are sourcing from vendors that are the right fit for you, and you are determining the retail price.

You can compete with the big-box sites! Without devaluing yourself or the brands you are selling! We'll guide you in the process of honoring the regulations and guidelines set by the manufactures.

Click HERE to learn more about the partnership

Our Goal: Improve the profit strategy of selling products inside virtual design (e-design) packages.

Our Mission: Work hand-in-hand with online interior designers to positively impact the revenue model when interior design is performed remotely.

Our Vision: Create an environment that supports best practices between online designers and manufacturers to reach success.

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